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RF Remote + Portable Power Supply All In One

Has the potential to be a slave-master to any of my projects.
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This remote represents my journey from knowing absolutley nothing about RF communications, to a little bit.

Built from scratch, the remote runs off a PICAXE 28X2 processor, powered by a pololu voltage boost. This means only one AA cell is required to run the device. It seemed a shame to tie up that lovely little (smaller than my very bitten thumb nail!) volt boost in just one project, so with a little prior thought, I constructed the remote with the intent that the volt boost would not have to be isolated to just this project. Video's explain all!

What is to come next: when my order arrives i'll also be adding an IR LED which opens the door to another level of control possibilities.
Thanks goes out to fritsl for a rock steady transmission protocol to build off, and to Rik for some good transmission related advice.

The corresponding transmitter and reciever codes are attached, but they are still a work in progress.




Progress shots (below videos)



Pull down resistors for inputs


This image is attached to that you can see it properly, under name "remote.jpg"

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It is a great tool to use in a projet. And of course I collected it already. Thanks for sharing Sydney-Floyd

If I keep the trans-board (woho, i made up a phrase) pin layout the same, then it would be easy to produce 'shields' for this device. I'm thinking a form of picaxe 28x2 project board, or joystick board, or any, more detailed or project specific i/o board that can be quickly clipped to the process board.

IR LED's are in the post so I may update this page with new content when time permits.

could u plz tell me how you connect the receiver to the picaxe project board..??