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Motor controller and CPU problems


Just wanted to ask, if any had some good motor controller that also worked when they etc. put it together with a PIC or other mikro controllers. And if you have, if you would be so kind to post a schmatic of how the motor controller and CPU are connected :0)


In my projekt, the motors i am using can max handle about 4.5Vdc, and are dwaring about 2.5Amp when stall.

Do you all use a opto-cobler between the "brain" and the motor controller?

For now i have spent about 1-2 months, trying to get my robot projekt to work. The motor controller work alone, and my PIC16F876A + a Sharp sensor also work alone. But when i but it together it wont work.

Right now i am trying to get it to work with the motor controller for LMR Mr. Basic. Also using the MR Basic chassie + motors.

If you want any more info, or got any questions just say so, and i will see if i can answer them.

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Got it working, but not with the motor controller that where made for the MR basic.

A friend build 1, that works now. So now my next problem is to get the A/D konverter on my PIC16F876A to work.

Now using about 4.5V for the motors only direct try relay contact, and 9v over a 7805 for the rest.

Optocouplers are not necessary. But powerful motors like that draw a lot of current from your power source. If you use batteries, you'd better use separate batteries for motor and controller. Make sure to connect both grounds, so that 0 Volt is the same level for all components.


Hello Pilskade,

Seen your name I think you are Dutch. If so buy the book "PIC Microcontrollers" by Bert van Dam, ISBN 978-90-5381-210-5.

Then you reed chapter 7.

Greetings en succes


Click a user's name or picture. You wil find out more about a user. Pilskade is from Denmark. Your name is Bart ;-)