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Roxxy My First Robot


Im trying to build a robot  name Roxxy it basically a rover deal. Its made up of plexiglass and its a tri wheel setup with two 12v power wheel chair motors so im use relays to be used as motor speed control. Im new to the whole electroinc ,robotic,and programing world so I need as much help as I can get. I want to add a arm ,sensors, andI want to in coperate a pda a remote device. fFor the brain Im still looking at a few things and researching so if anyone has any Ideas please feel free to share.  Thank you in advance for all the knowlegde you all will be sharing

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Well...here are some questions.

Can you get the motor drivers that controled the wheelchair motors? Those would be better paired to your setup and ideal for the motors.

Have you ever programmed a PDA?

Do you know if you can access the outputs on said PDA?

An arm and sensors shouldn't be an issue, but depending on the type of sensors or how you would control the arm, you might run into issues. For example, if you use sensors that output an analogue signal, can the pda convert it(ADC)? If not, will you be able to program the interface for an external ADC? Does the PDA support pwm outputs? if so how many?

Personally, I would suggest starting small and using something like the easily and readily available procs first. After you've gotten your feet wet, move onto higher end equipment. Also, try building the start here bot and see how you do with that.

Just my 2 bits...


Well in my normal job i delt with simple PDA programing like email and what not I been reading up on something dealing with programing and PDA programing I know i got alot of work cut out but Im willing to put it in for this project . On the wheel chair motors I probably can get the motor drives from the guy who gave em to me. And to add the pda doesnt have to be a part of the project just was a thought I also was told rover were considered easier projects Im new to this so I will take any advice you give out but Roxxy is bout to be started sometime this week

For now Im just building her and going to to test her as a romote deal but I would like to  explore the programing side I was just throwing PDA brain around due to the fact I can get all kinds from my old job for cheap. but the Pda i have is a HP iPAQ H4100 but im bout to get another one from a friend