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PICAXE 18X High Power board

 I reciently got a PICAXE high power board with a built in L293D chip. This is my first PIXAXE. Does anyone know where I can download software? Also does anyone have any codes for a robot using a sharp analog sensor and servo? I am use to Parallax basic stamp and could probally figure out how to change I/O pins. I know PICAXE is popular on LMR. It is cheap compared to the basic stamp but noticed the I/O assignments on the pins are fixed.

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Well the start here robot has a bit of code to use the analogue sensor and the servo. 


 I should get the board in the next few days. I am also curious about the programming cable. The R/S 232 hook up seems simple enough. For my parallax stuff I use their R/S 232 to USB convertor plug. I think it would also work on PIC stuff with the drivers installed. Am I correct in assuming this?

software here: http://www.rev-ed.co.uk/picaxe/ (click on the software tab on top)

tutorial 6 in the first manual in the help menu has details on how to use analogue sensors. 

manual 2 is all the Picaxe basic commands; look up the command 'servo'.

I think the picaxe-18x has fixed I/O, but a lot of the other ones are pretty flexible.