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My first robot

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I just started playing with robotics a few weeks ago when I got my arduino. This is my first attempt at a obstacle avoidance robot. Pretty basic. I am building an arduino shield to clean up the wires and get the motor drivers on a board. I thought it would be fun to learn how to make a pcb. Today I sat down and started learning eagle. Here is my first attempt at making a board... This is a motor shield I came up with. I have 2 l293 drivers to control up to 4 DC motors on a separate 12V supply. I have also placed pin headers for easy wiring of sensors and motors. I ordered a proto from batchpcb, so I'll post more when I get it in and installed in my robot. Please let me know what you think, this is my first attempt and I would love some feedback. I will post some pic's of the robot I am building and the source for this board tomorrow. 



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Please read the rules: Do not post as a robot if you have not built anything. You could start with a blog or post it in the forum.

"I will post some pic's of the robot I am building and the source for this board tomorrow. "

I have started building the robot for this, I just dont have the pic's downloaded yet. I plan on uploading them in the morning.

Thanks, Joe

Nice first robot 

Good looking one! Are that continious servos you use for locomotion?

Yep, Im using CS-60 servos

huge battery!  nice wheels..

they do look like servos @isotope

what's the max speed like? @beamsjr

Im using 3 camera battery's, should last a while.. It's not super fast, I will probably upgrade the motors later on. This is just for me to start learning on, so it's not bad.