Let's Make Robots!

Welcome to The Turtle Challenge

Most of us make robots, and most of us make robots that can somehow manage to move around on a flat surface.

But.. Can you make a robot that can

Drive, crawl, walk, or jump around.. perhaps even avoid obstacles etc..


Lay upside down


If it is lays upside down, sideways, or in any position on a flat surface, will manage to turn itself around to "upright" and start moving again

letsmakerobots.com will mail 1 set of cool belt tracks with geared motors (chose gear ratio and color yourself) to the first robot builder who is building and submitting a robot that can do that.


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Actually, a turtle can rock itself from side to side to right itself.  At least my friends could...and so could the one on that Futurama episode where they were going to exterminate the robots because they polluted so much...
I think the Ninja turtles can jump up onto thir feet from off their backs.
I have been had, how could I forget the Ninja Turtles...woe is me..But you are quite right.
Ok, I know this is kinda nitpicky, but if a turtle flips over and is on its back, it can't flip itself over..... It dies.....
This is why it is a chellenge!

YAY THE PACKAGE CAME! im so happy some yellow catipillar tracks.they are awsome. im goin touse them on my first proper robot using my new arduino decimila. ive got a polulo motor controllter in the mail so ill have a great bot soon!

thanx guys but could never had acheived this without the constant support from my parents. =)

Congratiolations, Mr. Nebster

I will send you your prize :)

Very well done!!


gratz nebster
what are you studying at uni? i wanna go do mechatronic engineering.   also known as robotics