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Robot Marathan Runner: Contest for the Robot Olympics Challenge

Navigate around via Infared

I really want that Chassis as well as a SRF05 mount... Can't find one of those anywhere! Vote for meeeee! Please.



 MINDSTORMS NXT using a two-legged walking robot.
 In the center of gravity to move the ankle, knee bent and her feet to walk properly.





It Drags it's feet, the soles are almost non-skid the brackets along the weather. So, the robot walks straight



  Beam with a raised tile Blocks,




The robot from behind, with two ultrasonic sensors in front to detect things ahead

it can detect objects up to 30cm ahead.



 Knees and ankles zoomed in.




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hello i have this certain kit.

the descrition says it navigates via infrared. i would like to point out the sensor is an ultrasonic range sensor.
also the Single cable coming from the front of the robot show it only has one servo motor attatched.
dude its not cool

Herez my nu rbotz datz gnna rulz da wurld


The first one has 36 servos and can swing around its point of gravity and has momentum and stuff.

The second uses IR, ultrasound and ultralight to navigate, the radar isn't working yet, but will mount a X-ray to see through obsticalz.

The third can friggin' fly.

The fourth one is invisible.

Beat that!!

-Oh and the wife wont let me wear latex on weekday..

 / vzz-clck-"Maneuver"

They sure are both brown and sticky!
I can clearly see the fourth one. Perhaps it's switched off? Switch it on and take a new photograph and I'll tell you if I can still see it.

Wow, you are all improving!

Nice work guys, knew you had it in you all along, nice!

terminator_robot_0.jpg Almost done.... Where did you get your latex ?
I know this place which sells kinky underwear. That's where I got the latex.
Is that FritsLDR for eyes? Slick!

...as you can see, I've covered it in lifelike latex.


Technically there is a possabillity that:

a)Mr. Isogawa copied Robo_Overlords design backin 2006


b) That Mr. Isogawas username at picasaweb is Ethan Steininger


c)That the claim that the robot has four motors and can turn was a typo.

So in case we're harrazing an innocent person, I'll continiue to learn more about the robot.. So, How do you use the TWO ultrasonic sensors you mention, how are they connected, and why use TWO? I cant understand from the NXT screen capture what they do..

/ vzz-clck-"Maneuver"