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I really want that Chassis as well as a SRF05 mount... Can't find one of those anywhere! Vote for meeeee! Please.



 MINDSTORMS NXT using a two-legged walking robot.
 In the center of gravity to move the ankle, knee bent and her feet to walk properly.





It Drags it's feet, the soles are almost non-skid the brackets along the weather. So, the robot walks straight



  Beam with a raised tile Blocks,




The robot from behind, with two ultrasonic sensors in front to detect things ahead

it can detect objects up to 30cm ahead.



 Knees and ankles zoomed in.




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Hi guys, here is my entry into the compition. I'm entering it under the "kick arse" Olympic event. And BTW, I made him all by myself. Send me prizes now!!!



 FritsL.. You're ruining my fun here!!

I was stringing the guy along trying to see how good a liar he was.

 Actually I found it through Legos NXTLog. They hosted a Biped Construction Challenge, and this particular biped was being shown as an excample for inspiration. With a short interview by the maker, and his name wasn't Ethan Steininger, and he had never competed in the Maccabi Games..


/ vzz-clck-"Maneuver"

Sorry.. :) Hey - Ethan, any comments?
I am Ethan?
Ethan.. Who made that robot?
...and cruel. Since when were there no cheats in sporting events?
What is that smell in here? Fra.. Fru.. d! ? Fra.. what is it? Strange smell..?

Cool.. You are into asian as well, though representing the US?

I think we can rest assured that 


A) You are not going to win

B)  We are going to contact your parents and tell them this

C) This post and will be deleted, but let's have some fun while it is still on air ;)

You can't delete this - it's a work of art.