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I really want that Chassis as well as a SRF05 mount... Can't find one of those anywhere! Vote for meeeee! Please.



 MINDSTORMS NXT using a two-legged walking robot.
 In the center of gravity to move the ankle, knee bent and her feet to walk properly.





It Drags it's feet, the soles are almost non-skid the brackets along the weather. So, the robot walks straight



  Beam with a raised tile Blocks,




The robot from behind, with two ultrasonic sensors in front to detect things ahead

it can detect objects up to 30cm ahead.



 Knees and ankles zoomed in.




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 I see you've changed your description.. And here I was hoping you'd made some sort of DIY Lego hardware..

But tell me this: Are you Mr. Yoshihito Isogawa? Since you are posting pictures from Mr. Isogawas website I assume you are him. What happened to the running robot you was building in March? Since you're posting an almost two year old robot now,I guess something bad happened..


/ vzz-clck-"Maneuver"

Hey, maneuver - how did you find out? Google on the horrible machine translation?

Superb design.

"...In the center of gravity to move the ankle, knee bent and her feet to walk properly..."

Her ? ...not often seen... :-)

Machines are nearly always female. Here, cars are almost always referred to as "her". All my robots are female. But that's because they're stubborn ... !

But in your description you mention four servos and the ability to turn..

The video and pictures shows only one servo and it only walks in a straight line. Is this only the first sketch/mock-up of a robot still in the making?


/ vzz-clck-"Maneuver"

Thats realy cool i want one