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My Drumming Machine

Still trying to get the L293D to work...











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I am not sure I understand 1 & 2, can you be more specific?

Perhaps, can you tell me which part of the instruction that you are uncertain about?

- And I'll get back to you tomorrow, thanks.

1. What output did you use for the playback of your Recording Board?
2. Same but what output for the record button?
3. For the Recording board, does it matter which V&G I connect to on the Picaxe?
4. For the spare L293D for the GM10s, you used four GM10s, all with one L293D, which GM10 did you use for which port on the 2nd L293D

5. And finally, which output/V&G did you use for the spare L293D




reposted on the tutorial page for all to see :)


Hot glue all the way! To make soldering easier on yourself, buy a good soldering station. Nothing radioshack sells will do the job right. Spend $90-120 on either a weller or a hakko. My weller broke. I now own a hakko. The hakko has not broken :-D It heats up in less than 15 seconds which is quite useful.



Good luck, and our robots shall drum to the death someday.

I got a $30 or $35 Hakko that works great. Hakko Dash 25 watt. Previous 15 W was ok, but like the higher wattage better.
haha... k thanks mate... i never expected to spend so much on a soldering iron... ill look it up tanks!

 although I dont think im willing to spend so much on a soldering iron when im not gonna solder much... i bought 100+ female jumpers + 50+ f/m jumpers... I just need to solder header pins on and im good to go!

Hey man, whatever works. I'd rather be making those removeable connections that you are than soldering. That would definitely solve some of my problems.


I'm still working out which connectors I should use in hobby (haven't bought a crimp tool yet). Yeah, I think your solution is best for this. I do some heavy soldering and surface mount work :-p

I got a cold heat soldering iron for $20. It works well IF you understand how it works. The end doesn't heat up. It just electrecutes the wire to heat it up so the solder will melt. I'm sure people here hate it but I like it ;)
"I am going to get my friends boss's husband who is an engineering major, to help me solder the.." Lol!! :D
yerp... i cant :D lol