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Night vision camera

Hi, I've been thinking on building a night and day vision camera. I think its very straight forward, but I just wanted to have a look at your personal opinions before going any furtherer.

The idea is very simple: As you probably all know, digital cameras are able to "see" the visible spectrum, but also, some frequencies higher (I think), and lower. You can try this by pointing with a remote control to your camera, you will see a white light.

The fact is that the LEDs on remote controls are not powerfull enough to be reflected and seen by the camera. But I think that with a more powerfull infrared LED, or LEDs, it would be possible for you to see without being seen.

I've tought on puting the LEDs just as conventional bulbs in a torch, this way, all the light will point towards.

I think, and correct me if I'm wrong, that this is what some security cameras use, the problem is that they are ti expensive.

Security camera

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I think that you are 100% on the right track!

I have seen cheap cameras adverted to be able to "film in the dark", and they had sort of the same seup, and I was thinking.."Hey, they have just added some bright IR LED's to an ordinary camera :)"