Let's Make Robots!




so, just before competition ISTROBOT2010 i bought myself NXT2.0 set

i started playing with it, went throught the first model of guard-shooter and started to make my own chassis for the purpose of line following/maze solving. i want to try if it is possible to make LEGO robot small enought to fit into the maze with cell of 18*18cm.

it will be quite a change after my previous two robots that needed a lot of hardware tweaking, well i am looking forward to just play with it and relax a bit. :)



I've had several weeks of not playing with robotics at all. now i have some spare time again.this robot had to give way to new lego project, that i will start page about shortly. just some teaser - it will be according to the rules of ISTROBOT competition, so that next year i can try and race my other robot - zenshin :)