Let's Make Robots!

Camping Party Project - Proposal

To all LMRtians who attend Camping Party Europe 2010 in Madrid.

How about a very simple group project while we are there? Just for fun (and, if successful, a little publicity).

I propose a repeat of the famous Tweenbots project. The Party takes place in a giant conference center with multiple "zones". Let's make a robot (duhhh!) and leave it at one end of the center and let it find its way accross to the other end.

Here's the original project for some inspiration.

Who will bring two modest motors. Who the batteries. Cardboard is everywhere in the world. Someone should probably bring a marker. A couple of LMR stickers of course. And video cameras, lots of those.

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Thats such a cool idea... I love watching human behaviour its a great study...

Also... I think if you make the bot look exactly like the LMR logo bot that would be great :D

though let's say it get stuck on a curb, it will drain the batteries quickly, maybe have a bump switch to disconnect the motors?

Benbo thinks tweenbots look like Calcutron...

Hey rik, Only now I see this. Yes, we could have done that :)

Will do so next time!