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Downloading to a picaxe not as consistent as i would like

 Has anyone every encountered an issue where your connections are correct for the picaxe download circuit but for some random reason the Programme Editor only detects your chip sometimes with no alteration to the setup it detcts it one minute and not the next. once it does the program works.

code now loaded by chance:

 symbol green_led = 4

symbol yellow_led = 1

symbol red_led = 2

symbol wait_green = 30000

symbol wait_yellow = 500

symbol wait_red = 30000


main: high green_led

low yellow_led

low red_led

pause wait_green

low green_led

GoSub blink

low red_led

'pause wait_yellow

low green_led

low yellow_led

high red_led

pause wait_red

GoSub blink

goto main


blink:for b0 =1 to 15

high yellow_led

pause wait_yellow

low yellow_led

pause wait_yellow

next b0



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Check your serin pin and make sure it's grounded. This sometimes can cause issues.

You have a few very long (30 second) pauses in your code. When the picaxe is "running" the pause command, it will not respond to the interrupt by the code-load-thingey. Hit reset just after hitting F5 (program) in your editor. That will kill the pause and prevent timeouts.

thanks guys it turned out to be the 30 second delays after all. i timed the yellow light blnking section and hit program during that phase and it downloaded consistently during that period. Had to do this since the picaxe 8M doesn't have a reset.

As for the serin being grounded it is and i checked again to confirm, same for teh pins being short i had that the very first time i attempted to load but have since always pushed the socket down while downlaoding.

Once again thanks guys