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Electronic Launcher

Launches anything you can put in it
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This is something I made because I wanted to be able to fire something from a robot. On the inside of the end cap there are two insulated wire holders that are used to hold a small peice of nichrome wire.

To load it you first unscrew the end cap and put a small peice of nichrome wire in the wire holders. Then you fill the end cap halfway with black powder and put what you want to launch in the barrel. When you apply sufficient power (depending on the size of the nichrome wire) the nichrome wire will heat up and fire it.


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sweet, back when i was making rockets i used steel wool as an ignitor, dirt cheap, and available anywhere...

You could use a glow plug like the ones on a nitro car, just screw it in and you can fire it a good number of times without having to replace the wire every time.

But nice project anyway ! add 2 servos and you can target enemy robots ;) 

Ya I wanted to use a glow plug for this but my dad wouldn't get me one because he didn't believe it would work for this project.

We both get to be on the NSA watch list!! Seriously, you should do a FOIA request on yourself... You will be surprised, I was.

Haha well I'm only 15 so I hope there wouldn't be alot on me.

Ok, I like to fire things from robots too, but why not use model rocket engine igniters instead? Those igniters are inexpensive and readily available at most hobby stores.


Yes I could very easily use those but I have a whole lot of nichrome wire not being used and I just wanted to use what I had around.