Let's Make Robots!

LMR on Campus Party Europe 2010 in Madrid

Update: Video from event :)

A handfull of very talented persons and LMR members are invited to Campus Party Europe 2010 in Madrid. For free! This is cool!

This is the place to follow us, if we post something when there, and this is the place to link to all info, and the place to write all new info :)


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I am very happy to see (almost) all of you at home. I think that Tinhead is doing some tourism, not just waiting for his flight ;-).

I hope you liked the party, I did.And I am very happy of having met all you physically, not just through the net.

The cheese and the "jamón serrano" was the least I could do ;-)

Hi all!

The first lot of guys from Romania have gone to the airport today, as far as I know the planes are flying.

My plane is confirmed on checkmytrip.com so I should be fine tomorrow.

The weather is changed to nice so I'll be wondering around Madrid some more. 

The Campus Party guys will come to the hotel to inform us of any news, any minute now. 

Later guys!


I just arrived. 40 hours of busdrive, drives did not understand a word english, did not have GPS. Incredible I am home! Am very dizzy!

... you are ok Frits :)

The guys from Campus just came and gave us 20 Euros for food, really nice of them. 

BTW: any of you guys tried calling me yesterday?


Sis not try to call you, do not have number, Asked around, everyone wanted to know how you where, but bobody had your number, so I DONT THINK IT WAS ONE OF US. Oh, caps!

Having fun is much easier without the worry about the trip home. Nice weather also helps. Internet access is totally crucial.

Rik, Louis, Anotonios, Frits and Thomas are all somewhere on the road home, I'm tho only one left here.

Antonios shold be in Greece by now, the rest took busses.

I have rescheduled my plane for Wendesday, hopefully it will fly.

I'm now in the center of Madrid connected to some wireless I have found, installing some cracking tools to try cracking the wireless network of the campus.

Good luck, 


Here you will find some addresseswith free wifi:


But it is not needed.

A little update, they moved all the remaining people out of the campus, to a hostel in the center.  There is wireless internet here and it's a welcomed change to sleep in a real bed :) I'm  going to stay here until wedsday when I have my plane scheduled.