Let's Make Robots!

LMR on Campus Party Europe 2010 in Madrid

Update: Video from event :)

A handfull of very talented persons and LMR members are invited to Campus Party Europe 2010 in Madrid. For free! This is cool!

This is the place to follow us, if we post something when there, and this is the place to link to all info, and the place to write all new info :)


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The other forum post mentions sjriek and dutchbot as well.

This is a mess!


Hi all, just noticed this. Í'll be there, just have a holiday picture on me now. I'm not the hairy one (just in case :))

And I'm in trouble, worked the last 2 days on the bot but I am not going to be able to finish it. Needs to much work still. Wonder if I should take it (8kilo's)?

Get dressed, and bring that robot! Because I want to see it. No, wait, I want to sign it or something! So when Spain is over, and I am back on LMR, I can follow your bot, and look for angles where my tag is!

Alright, I'll take it. Can't put in no effort anymore tonight. I am about ready to go mythbusters on it.

Looks like I'm the first to arrive (tent 21) nothing much happening here yet (and worse, no beer). Damn Frits, you look different yawning :)

I am hoping that all the sleeping experts are wrong about the percentage of snoaring people.

They spent some serious time and effort on this one.

At least the Russians found back their sputnik.

And ofcourse, Wall-E......

They were right 8-(

I brought ear plugs 8-)

It's Tinhead, Dutchbot and Rik so far. Still awaiting the arrival of Fritsl and Antonb and who else...? I forgot.

So, we decided not to wait in the Caja Magic, but go downtown....

We're back now and online.

Find us now (21:00) near the green stage.

Living here has its cons. I have to work tomorrow morning.

I'll be there at about 14:30.

I'll find you.