Let's Make Robots!

LMR on Campus Party Europe 2010 in Madrid

Update: Video from event :)

A handfull of very talented persons and LMR members are invited to Campus Party Europe 2010 in Madrid. For free! This is cool!

This is the place to follow us, if we post something when there, and this is the place to link to all info, and the place to write all new info :)


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at the end of this thing, while you are still together, you should have a live stream. Maybe wrap up the events for us.

I am filling up my blog with short, raw, unedited video clips.

Wish you where all here :)

The great presentation of the Drum-bot.

Drum bot


Yes, a little late. I know, it's embarassing. And I feel ashamed. If you meet me at CP you recognize my CAcert-T-shirt and the pink cast over my broken left hand.

on the you see me performing one of my other hobbies: giving blood. It's fun believe me! And it's useful, too.

virtuPIC giving blood

Oh, yes, I've got no hardware with me. Only my creativity andexcitement. But LOTS of this!

Here we are posing for the obligatory group shot before the sun sets. Left to Right:

Antonb, Dutchbot, Fritsl, Rik, Mif, Tinhead.

[Antonios, Louis, Frits, Rik, Miguel, Razvan]

Funny facts about our trip:

The weather in Holland was way better than in Central Spain! That was the only blue Spanish sky I saw, to date.

An Icelandic Volcano eruption is grounding planes all over Northern Europe.  Let's make some freaking fast and powerful robot to get us home!

I met this nice blog-girl from Romania. She was really interested in what we are doing. We exchanged URLs. That's what you do in a place like this. I guess, she also is tied up in all the events going on here, cause her blog is not showing any updates yet. And I know for a fact, it's not a lack of bandwidth!

If I were made of Bytes, not meat, I would fly home and back every night and get a nice night of sleep.

Last night, we presented LMR to the robot people here on campus. I showed two of my favorite videos to the group: The funny Walk Bot (Spanish people do not get Monty Python?!?!) and of course "Not the fun kind of ride" by CtC. We had Chris live on stage through Skype. That was a lot of fun! This projection screen is 4 meters tall! Seeing Chris, Kari and Charley on Youtube there was more impressive (to me) than seeing Yet Another Astronaut sending his regards from the ISS.

Maybe if they bumped the thing into something really expensive, I'd have a different opinion ;-)

This was before virtuPIC joined in, sorry for missing on photo!

Feel free to provide your own captions, Mifulapirus!

(That's not a breakfast! That's a Death Star!)

It took him three days, but now TinHead is making Dust!!!! Until they aked him to shut down the noise..... :-(

Yes it rains in the plains of Spain! Must be the freaking volcano!

Frits wants to sign our robots and see the pictures here on LMR.


Mi house has now this aspect:

I'm afraid I won't be able to go today...

What about your return flights and the volcano??