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Hi all,

In the last three weeks, and especially the last week, I've been working on V3, trying to finish it.

Oh well ... it will not happen because:

- it is a very large project and it consists of a very large number of parts

- everything that could have gone wrong ... got wrong

- I'm running out of time

- cutting parts using the V2 in an apartment is just crazy, I had enough of the noise and more so of the dust

- killed all my endmills

- almost destroyed the V2 forcing it to go faster

Given all the above plus some other problems got me in a very bad shape, so it was no fun doing it anymore. 

When things go this way I need to let go, clean up .... basically reboot myself.

So V3 is officially put on hold for an indeterminate period ... and that's it.

I'll put the V2 back in shape, and if I have time left maybe upgrade it a little.

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I've sourced most all of my end mills, drill bits, and router bits from Drill Bit City (http://drillcity.stores.yahoo.net/endmills1.html), which does offer international shipping.  I've tried the "chip-breaker" router bits, which on the little Proxxon, occasionally vibrate themselves loose (http://drillcity.stores.yahoo.net/5pcset.html).  The "chip breaker" router bits were about half the price of the end mills (and much less than the Proxxon set), and seem to cut pretty rapidly.  I was pretty happy paying less, but I haven't spent much time cutting laminate wood to judge whether they're good enough to burn through that material.

The whole world of bit selection I know little about -- e.g. "when do I use an end mill?" vs "when do I use a router bit?". According to CNC forums, end mills are the tools of the trade for metal cutters, while woodworking folks use router bits -- either will work on wood.

my 2¢,


If it isn't fun, putting it on hold is a great idea.  There's plenty to stress about without adding 80dB of background noise and piles of semi-toxic epoxy/wood dust.  Best wishes regarding the other unspecified problems.

The noise is pretty brutal, isn't it?  The CNC definitely needs a wood/acrylic enclosure to help with the noise, and maybe a shop-vac for the dust.  In the indefinite future I plan to measure for an enclosure, then either make a request of the skilled woodworkers in my family, or visit my friendly local hackerspace with a $ donation and the materials I need to cut.

Rest up, and feel better.


ps -- what end mills do you use for the V2?

Hey thanks, don't worry about the other probs, they are only material ones :)

The noise the little Proxxon does is about half of what the Dremel does at 130 Watts, so double what you know to get an idea ;) ... Yeah it kinda drives you nuts, I need to move this thing out of here when working 'cause I can't stand it. I think I'll move it to my dad's garaje and only do stuff like this weekends. 

I've been using a 2 mm Proxxon thungsten carbide endmill and when that one started to get blunt, I switched to an older 3 mm end mill in the same line whis is already blunt ... Laminate parquet has this very, very tough surface and this kill the mills.. You can barely scratch it using a knife, that hard it is.