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Permission to use the materials on LMR

Who can I get incontact with to have the permission to use the pictures and information on LMR my report?

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You need ask me if you want to use any of my posts and I assume that most everyone on LMR would agree and feel the same as Chris does.

I am Chris the Carpenter and all posts, text, pictures (either still or video), all concepts and ideas are my intelectual property. I have licensed through creative commons. You may use my work if and only if you do not use it to earn any kind of profit, do not try to patent or trademark my work and note that I, Chris the Carpenter, is indeed the originator of the work. I also reserve the right to serve a cease and desist if I find that your use of my work is in bad taste, conflicts with my moral or political views or any other reason I deem fit in the situation.

Bottom line, don't be a douche bag and you can use my shit.

I would assume that individual ownership of each post is that of the poster, however, I don't know where our LMR servers are so the laws may vary.  I would also assume that most LMR'ers would agree with my statement above.

Do we even have a EUA or TOS?

I'm not sure that all post are yours unless I am you and you are many other people. Maybe I am having another Schizophrenic episode and forgot to tell me about it :P  I'd ask my other head but it is sleeping off a few beers it had last night.


Tell me Oddbot, how long have you had your improbability drive ship?

As you know it travels through time as well as space and....  to cut a long story short, I need to steal it back from myself.

what pictures and information?

you would probably want to ask whoever wrote that page.

True dat. Find the user that has the info that you are interested in and ask them if you can use their images.

maybe "fritsl"?


don't forget to put the source of the info on your report as well.

Nah, Wayland and Woodoo are right; it is the person who posted it that you should ask.

It was only me if it was something to do with "the brand" LMR itself, the domain name is in my name. Hmm.. btw.. did I remember to pay for that? hmm..

Oh, and iinput05; You could always read the about on the web that you need info on ;)