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Solar Plane :- preparing for flight around World in 2012

Hows this for Swiss engineering.

BTW you can sponsor a cell on the solar panel if you have the inclination .

Specifications can be seen here Solar-Impulse

Wingspan:63,40 m
Length:21,85 m
Height:6,40 m
Weight:1 600 Kg
Motor power:4 x 10 HP electric engines
Solar cells:11 628 (10 748 on the wing, 880 on the horizontal stabilizer)
Average flying speed:70 km/h
Take-off speed:35 km/h
Maximum altitude:8 500 m (27 900 ft)

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I saw that not too long ago on tv. Really cool stuff, definetly "the way to go" at least as far as research is concerned.

The Helios NASA version unfortunately broke up in flight.

Maybe they should have named it Phaeton