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Advice on second robot

I built my first robot out of an Atmel168, cardboard, and some spare parts, last week. Now I'm planning my second one.

What I want build is a robot with wheels, remote control via 802.11, a webcam, and an arm/scoop to pick things up. I've been programming in C++ for several years, but I could use some advice on what hardware to buy.

I'm thinking of getting a Beagleboard or Gumstix Overo for a linux environment (other suggestions welcome)

I'm not sure what to get for a chassis and motor controller though. I built the motor control circuit for my first robot, and made the chassis from cardboard lol. Can anyone suggest a good chassis? I'm thinking something in the Roomba size range.

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Just find a used Roomba on Craigslist or at a thrift store and use that as a chassis. You may be able to tie the beagleboard/gumstix into the existing roomba motor controller even.

Last week there two or three on ebay for less than 100$ each, the issue with them was that the battery didn't hold much charge anymore.


take a look at my last robot, the round one, you could replicate a chassis like that but bigger(not sure how big the roomba is)

that chassis cost less than 7$ to make, not expensive...