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Avoiding objects



This is my first day here on LMR and I think it's a great site for learning new stuff for my robot.

Currently I'm working on my very first (own) robot.

What I have now is a cybot based platform (2 motors and a front wheel).

De motors are driven by a L298N driver.

That driver is connected to an Arduino board.

My next challenge is avoiding objects and I'm not quite sure what kind of sensors I would like to use.

First we have normal switches mounted on the front sides. (I rather not use this)

Then I thought of ultrasonic sensor, but for the moment I do not have the money to buy one (or at least 2).

Then I found the IR obstacle detection article of Oddbot and thought that's the way to follow.

But maybe there are other ways that I haven't found yet?

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thx for the tips


Can someone tell me (or give a good link) on how that detection of Oddbot exactly works?

I understand how ultrasonic works, but how does IR detection work?

IR doesn't bounce back to the receiver, does it?

remember, whenever you see anything, it's actually light bouncing off that object and into your eye

Basically yes :-

Send out a Beam of light using IR LED.... then measure the reflected level of the light using an IR Detector. the closer the object is the more the reflected IR.

If you want a simple -- inexpensive way for IR obstacle detection then for sure Oddbots (like you said) IR detect system is the way to go. I can highly recommend his detect system - works a treat.

If you want long distance then any of the sharps will do - if you want longlong distance then ultrasonics are better option.

Limit switches are ok but they have to physically touch the object.

The only options I can think of that haven't already been mentioned are either quite complex (i.e. capacitive sensing) or expensive (i.e. laser ranging).

that's pretty much that

you can also use a camera, but maybe later :D