Let's Make Robots!

My very first robot

Driving around

This project is my very first robot project.

It has a cybot foot base with 2 DC-motors and 1 wheel in front.

I use an Arduino processor as his "brain".

For now my robot can only drive around with a L298N driver. But it has PWM support!

I will use ultrsonic detection, mounted on a servo to detect objects and walls.

This project was started 5 yrs ago. Finally i will try to continue it... 


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I still have that robot in full working order! it'll be 10 years old soon... :O


have you got some of these laying around?















they are very easy to press, perfect for playing around before you IR, or ping))) sensors arrive, you can also make your own IR sensors, with an IR LED, and an IR detector:












these work with a digital pin, so in case you lack analog inputs, they will work :)

No, I do not have these.

I never really completed my cybot.

I made it untill the remote controle with the games, then I stopped with Cybot.