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crawling baby bot

crawling like a baby

this is my new robot ,it`s a baby ,it`s crawling  ,it`s very simple ,just a servo motor ,some metal parts ,and some creation ,i took this idea from AndyGadget in this link http://letsmakerobots.com/node/17821 ,and i tried to use two limit switches but without using a relay like the one that AndyGadget had used ,but it was very hard so i used crank ,and it was a lot easier , i hope you will like it .





















 and now let`s take a look under the hood ,this servo looks like very old ,but it works ;b




















and this is the bottom of my robot ,all the work is here



















in the first i used the screws and the nuts to make axles by joining two nuts against to each other on the same screw ,but it was difficult especially in narrow spaces ,so i got an idea ,i can make spacers of juice tubes like this one




















and if you joined the nut tightly against the the tube the nut will not fall by itself and you will have an excellent axle in any size you want, just like this

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Oh, yeah! I love it. Nice crank action.

Gimme that old-style, metal meccano!

yeah, i have this red-mecano part from about 11 years ago !!!