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Micro Sumo New videoo (hd)


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you should make the training area back with a WHITE outline, like a real sumo ring. otherwise your robot will be riding on the (white)edge :)

also: 10cm is too short range for a microsumo. the ring is Ø77cm

Not really. Ring for microsumo is Ø38,5cm, and for miniusmo it is Ø77cm :) But I agree with this range, anyway. The 340k's would be the best choice, i think.

ohh yeah! i was thinking of minisumo :P

I find it hard enough to make a mini sumo (10cmx10cm) :P


you should have it rotate along it own axis to search for the oponenet, and then when something is detected, it attacks :D

And have you ever seen nanosumo :D ? It's official class, 2,5cmx2,5cmx2,5cm (1in^3) :] 

i was just thinking those sensors are digital, not analog, did this give you any trouble?

Isn't 10cm too short range for a microsumo? Maybe better choice would be gp2y0d340k - not too big package and very nice interface - just 1/0. 



GM10 81:1 Geared Pager Motor


GM10 1" Wheel Blue




Pololu carrier with Sharp GP2Y0D810Z0F digital distance sensor 10cm.


Lipo 3.7V at 1000mAh

Very nice! Which motor did you use?