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This is a controller i built a while back. I wasnt going to post it till i had a use for it but that might be a while. It uses a RBBB arduino, Radio shack project box, LCD, 5 momentary buttons, joystick, sliding potentiometer, wii nun chuck adapter, and a xbee.

I have a rf transmitter that i was going to use, but choose to use a xbee instead:


not too pretty but it will work :

Everything glued and soldered in:


Joy stick for controlling a robots movements. Buttons for sending commands. Wii nunchuck for fun :D. Sliding potentiometer for controlling things like speed. LCD for displaying menus and options. The xbee plugs directly into the FTDI programming port of the RBBB. One thing i kinda dont like is having the batteries inside, i have not changed the batteries yet but i think it will be a pain to do. Maybe i will put them on the out side one day.

I have not got the xbee to fully function correctly, you can help me out with that here: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/18666


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Why not have rechargable batteries and then all you will need is a recharging socket on the box!



I agree, sparkfun has some Lion batteries and a charger setup that allows you to run from the charging system while the battery is being charged, then run off batteries when it's unplugged....would work mostly perfect aside from voltage reqs...but you can compensate with one of their boards that ups the voltage as well....win for all!

Beautiful design! look great!

dude, how did u cut the ABS plastic. the portions which you cut out for those small pushbuttons seem flawless

Just a drill for the holes