Let's Make Robots!


This project is a collection of experiences related to seeing and percieving the world from the point of view of robotic creatures. Robots will send sensor data to the computer and will generate visual and audio landscapes in real time.

The development started during the Audiencia Zero residency in O Espaço do Tempo in Montemor-o-Novo, and will continue until the final exposition wich will be in July.

This is a colaborative project where many friends are bringing together their skills, until now we have collaborated with:
- Pedro Angêlo with Serial Communication;
- Rui Madeira with computer vision technics and advanced maths;
- Sérgio Ferreira is a media and interaction guru, always providing precious help and advice;
- Daniel Gomes is working on a MAXMSP interactive sound;
- Nuno Morgadinho is developing an online application to remotely control robots.

More to come ;)

First goals achieved:
- Motoruino up and running;
- Wireless camera and video converter sponsored by O Espaço do Tempo;
- Basic pan/tilt system built with PVC;
- GUI written in Processing enabling robot remote control, gives vision feedback and servos orientation.


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amando96's picture

was the plexiglas/plastic cut/engraved with laser? i like the engraved user name.

and i also have one of those cameras(not wireless though) and the LEDs don't do anything either :(

gotta love processing...

guibot's picture

Link with wicked Arduino and Processing source code added to the post  ;)

Gareth's picture

Neat project .

The Video-"Processing" overlay looks spectacular....well done.

Can you elaborate on the Video Converter parts !  ....

I Had......(yes now dead) one of these cameras - .... is it in a metal casing - if so then it needs some ventilation holes in the casing somehow (drill,file,hack) ........ mine fried its self to bits (casing runs hot after extended use)

guibot's picture

The video converter is a Canopus ADVC55, I never noticed the camera getting hot but I will certify of that, what I notice is that the supposed infra-red leds in front of the camera don't work, and I can't figure why!

MarkusB's picture

I dismantled the same camera once and I know why the IR LEDs don't work - they are fake, only one colored plastic part :D

Gareth's picture

I thought the very same thing with mine...

until i took the back off (as you do)  to find they are just plastic look-alike None IR_leds......what can i say .

guibot's picture

I must check the box again, I am almost sure that the box says IR Leds..

fritsl's picture

wicked project!

fritsl's picture

Wicked IR camera!