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Modified Publix Truck

I am modifying this publix truck to make it a lille more fun for my son, and so I can learn a little in the process. I got the LED's in for the turn signals and headlights. Im using a light sensor for the headlights, and I connected the arduino to the RF pins so I could tell when it is turning and control the turn signals. Im not quite sure what Im going to add next... Have any suggestions I would love to hear them.


Thanks, Joe

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Does it make noise? if not it should. 

Thats a great idea.

Wow, you are really hard at work here. This is going to be awesome when it all said and done. I agree that it should make noise to entice your son a little more. We will enjoy following what you are doing.

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Orange turn signals in the rear and top lights, just like a real sem-i.