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Quick question on undrstanding a diagram

Hi friends,

I am making my first circuit from a diagram. I have made it all, but cannot figure out how to wire up the potmeter shown in red.

It has 3 wires, where do they each hook up to?


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Huh, huh, huh...

your potmeter has 3 pins, from left to right let's call them 1, 2 and 3 ( at this point it really doesn't matter wich way you are looking at it.

So, pins 1 and 2 go toguether to resistors 39K/18K, pin 3 goes to the switch.

Now, if you feel that the potmeter doesn't do like it should, let's say when you rotate the potmeter to the left it should do something, but it doesn't, just swap the pins, pin 1 to the switch and pin 2 and 3 to resistors.


Thanks a lot!

Just connect the center wire to one of the others. Think of the center wire as being the arrow in the diagram.

I hope this helps.