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Mr. Sunsmile [Video added]

Changes his facial expression according to brightness
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Sunsmile_head_program.bas552 bytes

No, wrong thought --- it's not a Jack O'Lantern robot. Mr. Sunsmile changes his facial expression according to the brightness of the ambient light. A LDR is hidden in his top hat. The different facial expressions are shown below:

I only used parts which I had around --- maybe there is a more easier and smart solution. Due to the lack of I/0 pins of the Picaxe-08M, I had to use a decade counter CMOS 4017 as well as a diode matrix to realize the 5 different facial expressions of Mr. Sunsmile. Attached you can find the circuit diagram.

A lot of soldering work:

Every LED row of his mouth is covered by a small cardboard stripe, so the LEDs can not shine through to the next row. To express more "feelings", a alphanumeric LED display coud be used:

That's it for the moment, maybe later more:)


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This is probably a stupid question, but what are the diodes D12-D19 for?

Nice project by the way :-)

Looks like some good ol' fashioned diode logic - if pin2 on the decade counter is brought high for example, then diodes 13 and 14 will allow transistors Q2 and Q3 to turn on, but diodes 15, 17 and 18 will prevent Q4 from accidentally being turned on. The remaining diodes also stop current flowing from pin2 back into pin2 3, 4 and 7, which will often be low if pin2 is active.
The same sort of thing happens when the other decade counter pins are active.

Cool project Markus, good use of the decade counter as an I/O expander =D

This is very good projeckt for my son "michi 2000". Have you yet video?

Not yet :)

This is a cool gadget to give every robot a face. Remembers me on Mr. Jones Tengu.