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Iphone controlled XMOS powered UGV robot!

Another XMOS robot I have found, made by people at University of Denver.

Demonstration of XMOS real-time ability. This test is running 8 independent tasks: gps task, ultra-sonic task, compass task, wifi receive task, wifi transmit task, pwm output task, behavior task, status led task:



Control of a ground vehicle via XMOS microprocessor and iPhone through wifi:



Testing of the DU Unmanned Systems Lab GUI control and autonomous robot control


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where can i get the application for my iphone :), i wanna build a a wireless controler too

oh and for the app you should build a debugger along side that controller inside the same app, so you can learn about how it sends receives data

If you get in touch with the guys via YouTube or our community site, they might be able to help you out. I am sure they would appreciate your feedback either way.