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Platform Pixter Module

Vendor's Description: 

The Pixter X Platform Module puts a PICaxe 40x2 running at 32Mhz with a 64kb EEPROM on a board that's compatible with other Platform Modules.


  • PICaxe 40x2 running at 32Mhz
  • 64kb EEPROM
  • 5V and 3.3V 1.5A Voltage Regulators accept 5.5v min. power input, 
  • A barrel jack and terminal block power connector, 
  • 2.8" x 2.5" footprint with pin sockets to add additional Platform modules

The PICaxe 40x2 is the most powerful PICaxe available;

  • 32 I/O pins that are reconfigurable,
  • 12 ADC channels,
  • 4 Internal Program slots, each holds about 1,000 lines of code,
  • Supports new commands like Servo and Doze,
  • And a bunch more stuff - check out RevEd's X2 product briefing.

What is the Gadget Gangster Platform?
The Gadget Gangster Platform is a lot like the Arduino with a few improvements on the basic idea;

  1. Modules (a.k.a. shields) can be connected to each other on top and bottom.
  2. Pin spacing is .1". This makes the Platform compatible with breadboards, and it lets you use Platform Modules in combination with other project boards. 
  3. The board footprint is 2.5" tall, which is the same footprint as ExpressPCB's MiniBoard service, so adding your own custom module is inexpensive and straightforward. 
  4. Platform Modules are licensed under the MIT license (essentially public domain), giving you more flexibility than more restrictive licenses like Creative Commons Share-alike.



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You probably noticed the pin header sockets!

The only weird thing is the PICaxe uses inverted logic.  You just need to use FTProg (http://www.ftdichip.com/Resources/Utilities.htm#FT_Prog) to set the FTDI to use inverted logic;

1 - Download FTProg (here)

2 - Plug in your FTDI cable and open FTProg.  Hit F5 to 'scan and parse'

3 - It will find your cable.  Settings are below, if you're using a prop plug, the only settings you'll need to change are the Hardware_Specific ones;


  • Custom VID : FTDI Default


  • Bus Powered
  • Max Bus Power 90mA
  • USB Remote Wakeup


  • Manufacturer: FTDI
  • Product Description: FT232R USB UART
  • Serial Number Enabled: Check


  • High current I/O's: Check
  • Select the submenu 'Invert_RS232_Signals' and check the following:Invert TXDInvert RXDInvert RTS#Invert CTS#

Now, program the device by hitting CTRL+P, check the device and click program. 

That's it.  When you go back to using your prop, open FTProg and uncheck all the Invert_RS232_Signals boxes.

Just gotta tell ya all: I freaknin love this board!