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"How to make your First Robot" Questions

Dear LMR community,

If you are unaware of the "How to make your first Robot" documentation by fritsl, then look here first:http://letsmakerobots.com/files/lmr-Start.pdf.

Ok, now with my questions:

First, and formost, what in the world is wrong with the page numbers, for instance, what should be page 8, has an upside down Y for the page number??

Second, could this also easily be made into a line following, object avoiding robot? Any ideas how?

Thanks for any and all help. This will be my first robot I am planning on making. Ok, my first robot that works (hopefully).



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hi... didn't saw the pdf and no time for it now... maybe it could be a line follower but if you want to make something cheap just tell me... using microcontroller is an advantage because you can implement the industrial PID control which will give you speed and accuracy... but you can make a brainless robot too... just let me know if you want to make a brainless line follower... I could help you :) I'm making mine now