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avrUSB500v2 programmer kit

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You might need some linux experience to get it working (programming the programmer is done in Linux) unless you have another AVR programmer available.

Here's some info copied from the website:

"This programmer is OS independent (stk500 V2 protocol) and can flash any Atmel avr microcontroller with In-System Programming capabilities. It can flash microcontrollers from 3V to 5V.

To the programmer software (avrdude, avrstudio, ...) this hardware looks just like a stk500v2 on a virtual com-port.
This kit includes:

  • A high quality printed circuit board (double sided,through-hole connections, gold plated). The FTDI SMD chip is already soldered to the board.
  • Bootable CD (like knoppix Linux), tuxgraphics Linux AVR programming CD
  • Documentation: pinout description of the components, circuit diagram, resistor color codes, drawing and photo of the PCB with all the components
  • Capacitors: 3x 100nF, 1x 10uF, 2x 18pF
  • Resistors: 1x 2.2 Ohm, 3x 4K7, 2x 220 Ohm, 4x 100 Ohm, 2x 10K , 1x 220K, 1x 680 Ohm, 1x 100k, 1x 47K
  • Connectors: 1x 5 pin mini sil socket
  • 1x LED green
  • Crystal: 18.4320MHz
  • 0.5m USB cable with connector already mounted
  • 0.3m cable for the programmer interface (with 5pin sil connector, gold plated)

Main features of the avrusb500v2 programmer:

  • Fast programmer with USB interface
  • Recongnizes when the connector to the target is inserted with incorrect polarity
  • Works with almost any system (Windows, Linux, Mac, ...)
  • Provides a 1MHz emergency clock signal to recover from incorrect fuse settings.
  • Easy to build. Standard components. The SMD chip is already soldered to the board."