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Farrusco - my second robot

avoid obstacles

This is my second robot!
With a better understanding of robot building and navigaton programming i´ve came up with this robot!

I think that the great improvement here was to make a plan of what i want to build, and started to find solutions before the assemble proccess. So this came out a more successfull robot!!

It´s my first real approach of avoiding obstacles and navigation programming and i´ve had a lot fun! Yet, the values that returns from the sensor fluctuate a little and i must work on it!

oh! and a BIG thanks to letsmakerobots.com :D







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Hey - This has turned out really well! :) Really nice, it has got a lot of personality, smooth move etc, cool!

(And sun on the pictures / in the video, just brilliant IMHO)

thnxxxx fritsl!!!

im very happy with this buddy !!  :D   

What is the gear ratio? It has a nice speed! How much do you feed the motors?

(And how would a speaker fit on it? - IMHO it would benefit from some beepin' :)

hi! thanks!

the gear ratio is 120:1, and im fedding the motors with a 7,2V 2000mAh.. 

i found that if i use a 9V for the arduino / servo,  and the 7.2V for the motors, it becomes even more fast!!!  :)

i hope this answer your question! 



Nice job!!! thats really a good one, the pics and video are interestingly shot :).
thnx!! :D

 Nice build, the arduino looks tempting.

-But it looks like you need to apply some grease to the rotating axle of your back wheel, as it isn't spinning around when your robot turns. Other than that: Sweet!


/ vzz-clck-"Maneuver"

Yeah!   Thanks!!
I must take care of that spinning wheel    :)
bro!!i like ths robo..and thinking to do my college tech-fest..can u plz guide me about connections.

hello friend! Unfortunately this robot is not fully documented, but I'm sure if you search on this website you will find everything you need! check the tips/walkthrough section.

Do you have experience with microcontrollers, programming, basic electronics?