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prc4pp (Servo Controller for Propeller Platform)

Vendor's Description: 

The PRC4PP is a Gadget Gangster Platform compatible shield designed to make attaching servos and sensors a simple matter. P0-P23 have provision for standard 3 pin servo/lcd/sensor connectors (Gnd, V+, Signal). There's a small prototyping area adjacent to P24-P31. The features are

  • Compatible with Gadget Gangster Propeller Platform, Propeller Platform SD, and Pixter X Platform, (Picaxe 40x2) Modules.
  • The lower 24 pins (P0-P23) are divided into three sections Bank0 (P0-P7), Bank1 (P8-P15), and Bank2 (P16-P23)
  • Bank0 can be powered by The Platform Vin, or separate external Vin, or regulated 5 volts from the Platform
  • Bank1 can be attached to and powered by whatever selection is made for Bank0, or whatever selection is made for Bank2
  • Leaving out the headers/jumpers and hard wiring using the jumper holes any voltage can be applied to any bank
  • Bank3 can be powered by either regulated 5 volts or 3.3 volts from the Platform
  • Alternatively the 3 pin jumpers and switch can left out and the configurations can be hard wired with 18 gauge solid wire
  • If the newer Propeller Platform SD is used, P0-P3 in Bank0 will be unavailable for use as it is taken up by the uSD card reader
  • Bank0 and Bank1 are laid out for a simple RC network in the signal line to minimize noise being fed back into the Propeller by the servos.
  • The servo connectors are in groups of four separated by an extra gap between groups. Earlier experience has shown that when 5 or more of the Molex connectors are stacked side by side they start to crowd and are near impossible to securely connected

The prc4pp is available from The Shoppe at Wulfden.