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Now that i have several small robots under my belt, along with a somewhat firm grasp of programming basics i would really like to scale up. I worked on a robot for the FIRST robotics competition which was really my first time handling a somewhat larger project. The materials required for that robot were quite expensive and the robot itself is too big for one person alone.


I'm just going to throw some ideas out there 1. to force myself to actually get started on this and 2. to hear some constructive feedback and to make sure i'm being reasonable.


Ideally i want to build a robot that is relatively large, say at least a foot long and 6'' high. Obviously these don't have to be exact/final measurements but basically i want something that will look impressive (i'll explain in a bit).

What does this mean? Basically up until now i've used either GMs or modded servos and makeshift wheels however, now I want a relatively cheap platform that has relatively high power motors that can go fast and whatnot (again thinking along the lines of something impressive) Additionally i've only used AA batteries, and l293s to drive my motors. I think this means that i'll have to a more powerful motor driver, but basically the rest of the electronics stay the same (asides from batteries)?

From there I plan on throwing on a couple of pings, maybe some sharps, hopefully a camera (impressive) and later on maybe GPS and a full nav system.


Why does all of this have to look impressive? Well firstly i just really want to build a larger robot. Secondly this robot is going to be used to promote the robots team at our school which means... I may be allowed to use some of our funding to cover some costs of the build however, this will primarily be funded by me.

I might as well throw this in here...

I happen to have a rc airplane controller and receiver (spektrum dx6i) it looks like this :http://www.rcsmart.com.my/webshaper/pcm/pictures/Spektrum/dx6-2.jpg

I'm not sure how else to do it but i was thinking i could attach the signal outputs on the receiver to the inputs of the microcontroller which would give me a crude method of controlling the robot remotely. Would this work?

this probably all sounds like ramble, mostly because it is. If anyone could point me in the right direction in terms of chassis or motors and whatnot i would greatly appreciate it.







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require huge funding.

grab a second hand broken down car, fix it, and make it autonomous, or RC :D

I am starting a AGV with full navigation via a GPS and a Compass module. I have the gps code all ready with distance and bearing to any GPS points that i store in the code. I have the GPS and just ordered the compass module. I am also looking for a platform much like you are. I am thinking of buying a rc truck that is rear wheel drive and has a servo to steer with, basically your normal rc truck. Should be pretty easy to hack i would think. You might take the same approach on finding a vehicle. I may start looking for cheap ones at yard sales or thrift stores or maybe just buy a new one. Hope to post it soon and it may help you.

Hey! If humans won't comply you gotta find another way to get that satisfaction..........

Check the RP5 chassis. Still uses AA batts totalling 7.2V or 9V (rechargable vs non) but has good power and decent speed. Probably need to bump up the motor driver to an L298 or something (when running at 7.2V, even higher when at 9V). Not quite a foot long though. (TWSS)

Depending on your budget have a look at the Wild Thumper (by Oddbot n Dagu). Looks like right now Pololu is having a deal where the TReX motor controller can be coupon-ed on for ten bucks extra (90% off!)

Yes, your micro can read the signals produced by an R/C receiver. Depending on your micro of choice it's not likely to be plug-n-play though, some fiddling will be required.

Now that i have several small robots under my belt, along with a somewhat firm grasp on your what?

Man, you better get the hell out of here! This ain't "Let's Make Robots XXX".

Read the freaking website name it's "Let's Make Robots III".

I have recently bought a RC tank. ( USM41A3). Got it cheap as RC does not work. Try local supplier for same. It is 20" long - big enough? It has plenty of motors to hack. Google it to see all the functions but it even fires BBs. I intend to make it autonomous to seek out a target and fire at it - or maybe just point a laser at it.



C'mon, man, read the post. The several small bots under his belt have a somewhat firm grasp on his 6" high foot long.