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Farrusco - my second robot

avoid obstacles

This is my second robot!
With a better understanding of robot building and navigaton programming i´ve came up with this robot!

I think that the great improvement here was to make a plan of what i want to build, and started to find solutions before the assemble proccess. So this came out a more successfull robot!!

It´s my first real approach of avoiding obstacles and navigation programming and i´ve had a lot fun! Yet, the values that returns from the sensor fluctuate a little and i must work on it!

oh! and a BIG thanks to letsmakerobots.com :D







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hi! thanks!

the gear ratio is 120:1, and im fedding the motors with a 7,2V 2000mAh.. 

i found that if i use a 9V for the arduino / servo,  and the 7.2V for the motors, it becomes even more fast!!!  :)

i hope this answer your question! 



Hey - This has turned out really well! :) Really nice, it has got a lot of personality, smooth move etc, cool!

(And sun on the pictures / in the video, just brilliant IMHO)

thnxxxx fritsl!!!

im very happy with this buddy !!  :D