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home made omniwheel

this is my home made omniwheel , it`s very very easy and cheap to make one ,and i`ll show you the parts and the steps to make it .












firstly , we will need :

 1.plastic circle                                                        2. old plastic container                      3. iron wire                                   


and now ,the steps :

1. cut the plastc container in two halfs like the picture below


















2. void the inner part



















3. take the inner part and cut it into small circles ( it must be in the same size )


















4. then we make incisions in the big plastic circle to put the small circles in



















5. drill the small circles in the centre as the iron wire thikness to make it like an axle for the small wheels

6. shape the iron wire as a ring in the same size of the big circle



















7. finally ,put the small wheels in the iron ring and make every wheel in its incision and glue the ring to the big wheel and you have a home made omniwheel ,very simple ,very cheap ,isn`t it ;b

I made a kind of car that turns with this omniwheel and I posted the video of that omni car ,and here are some pictures of my omni car





































































good bye ....



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Very inventive. Have you got any pics or video of your wheels in use? How well do they work?

no i don`t have any videos in the present ,but i promise you i`ll make a kind of car that will turn using it and i`ll post its video ASAP .

I experemented with hard plastic wheels before. Waste of time.

yes it does ,and i`m on my way to post the video of my omni car