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LMR Spirit Detector

Detects paranormal energy levels, spirits etc


I got myself a new camera that can take exposures in up to 30 seconds at a time. So I took some new pictures this late night. I found lots of energy surrounding some strangely shaped black blob in the middle of the room, .

Below are 3 pictures where you may be able to put together to a 3D perception of the shape. 

Note that the green stripes represent my control light. If there where no spiritual energies, all we would see would be green lines. I think where the blue ball lights up, there is energy. Or the other way around. Under all circumstances, there are these shapes in my room, and they change. Even between the 3 shots, it had altered itself a little. It is hard to get a precise idea of how, when all I have is this thing to move around and detect.

Of course it is hard for you to see the 3 dimensions, but on one of the pics, I am only moving the detector in one plane, and you can see some of the shapes that I can see here all the time, moving around.

High res here:


Below is original post.

As originally stated here:


I always wanted to make one of them machines that can detect ghosts, spirits, paranormal energy levels, the beyond etc.

Problem until recently was, that I did not know how, because I suck at electronics. However, since I got an DSO Nano oscilloscope, things have cleared up for me, I understand so much more what is going on.

After sitting in a bus with Nils for a trip up through europe, I got inspired to use my new knowledge of electronics in combination with he's light drawings in air, and then I made this circuit:

It is a tuned version of the 6 Million Gain project from this brilliant site. My version, however, has 30.000*30.000*30.000 times amplification, which is needed to tune in to the other dimentions etc. ( times amplified waves, it opens a lot of doors to the unknown!)

When my wife saw the video, she was pouring limonade. And she made the classic of just not stop pouring :D Limonade all over the table. I fell down the chair of lol!

Below are 2 pictures where I cought / detected something that must have been a small ghost or something. Perhaps a dead tree from past times, i dont know, as this is a very raw machine, I am yet to tune it finer.

As you can see on the green lines, (LED from power on on the apparatus), only at some points / in a specific area is the blue spirit-detector illuminated. I may have to see if knifes get sharper there or something.

The circuit is easy to make, and cheap. One could make a robot that drowe around, and put marks on the floor or something. Beeping when some abnormal energy levels where detected.


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Yes, you may be right; Opening the door was the easy part. Getting to understand the universe and destinguish may prove a lot harder.

Your Video is pretty spooky and you have given me a sufficient  "Ghost-Buster" impulse to build a 3 probe version (ie RGB) (haha - "Stay Tuned")

..... ie  360° protection........   "heterodyne sound" would be cool add on too.....hmmmm


I do believe this is going to be a very fashionable work, Gareth!

Very interesting!

Halloween approaches and i would recommend you buy one of these from me before they sell out Muhahahaha

Yes i have built three....see the circuitboard left of my multimeter....

The RGB pipe cleaners are the Spirit detectors and will be arranged in 3D format.....meaning Spirits will be detected in 3Dimensions........wait a momo in retrospect i should have made 4....hmmmmmm

My sensors (from another project) are paying off (adc) for development .....

The presentation is "Still in the Air" ..... 3D sound would be the creepiest though........

Testing....testing....here is the first plot ... 3d data captured via Realterm program and plotted using Rstudio (thx for shoutbox tip Kariloy)

Gareth; I actually saw this when you posted it - but on my phone. I absolutely love this, of course, so cool!

I wanted to wait till I had the time in front of the cumputer to really study your (wicked cool) work :D



now this is sweet :D