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Microcontroller Recomendations

Hey all,

Which microcontrollers to you recomend? Which are best for beginers ( and the bank:-)? Thanks for the help.


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I have been very busy lately. I am thinking PICAXE is best.

LOOK at this ARDUINO based board it kicks any picass, anyday.


He hasn't responded because he's got KicChip which kicks the shit out of all these Chips!

Everyone is going retro, right?

Punchcards are where it's at, yo.

Get a picarduaxeino...I hear they rock.

pic an axe

... start with an Arduino or Picaxe or what ever then switch to the real stuff...


How about an actual MCU, like the ATMEL (Arduino uses this) or a PIC (picaxe uses this).

hrmmm.....so you're saying that an arduinio isn't an mcu, and neither is a picaxe? hmmmm....because they have bootloaders?