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Microcontroller Recomendations

Hey all,

Which microcontrollers to you recomend? Which are best for beginers ( and the bank:-)? Thanks for the help.


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I have been very busy lately. I am thinking PICAXE is best.

LOOK at this ARDUINO based board it kicks any picass, anyday.


Pic Atmel Duino,  Pic Atmel!  No. Not Caramel, Atmel Duino!

You Stupid Duino!

Man! All these freaking comments in my Inbox is like making me Mental. It's like Mario, Duino and Luigi.

I think we might have a war between the PICAXE and Arduino. lolz

I personally like the PICAXE.

It's easy to program and versatile.

I wouldn't call it a war...just different opinions...

Has anyone actually owned both of the boards and can make a resonable conclution which one they would prefer if they were a beginner. I started with the Arduino, im fine with it, i think Gui-bot made a start here for the Arduino,

Both! looks like a arduino but it is a picaxe!



Below is an easy tutorial for getting started with AVRs.  Plus, avrfreaks.net is a huge resource full of totorials and forums on how to code Atmel AVR microcontrollers.


These are cheap MCUs and have very good documentation.  You can get a programmer from Pololu.com for $20 which can also act as a slow oscilloscope and a USB to serial (RS232) adapter.

You can code in C programming language, something that is worth getting used to now, hopefully you aren't intimidated by it.  I think PicAxes use Basic programming language (someone please confirm what it uses if you know) and even some free flowchart, more visual programming software suites.

You can visit my channel on youtube at http://www.youtube.com/user/OITRC which has links in the description to a sourceforge page to download the AVR code used in the video.  This may help you get a feel for the C code used in AVRs and help you feel more or less comfortable with the idea of programming in C.