Let's Make Robots!

Mr. Cheese Can

Navigates around via ultrasound, makes :D :) :( :| or :P, tries to catch everything nearby with its gripper
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You can buy German Cheese in Shanghai, sealed in a nice aluminum can. Since a while I toyed already with the idea of doing sth. with these cans. Too good to throw away. I also had some parts and wheels from a Chinese LEGO clone called Ban Bao as well as two micro gear motors around, so I started to build a 3-wheeled light robot platform.

Using my clothespin gripper...

... and a lying 7-segment display below the SRF05, the robot takes shape:

The control of the 7-segment display is similar like for  Mr. Sunsmile with a diode matrix, a CMOS decade counter/divider 4017 and a Picaxe 08-M. The robot [head] can express following moods:






A close-up of the interior of the robot head:


2010/4/26: Had time in the fast train to draw some circuit diagrams. Attached you find the 7-seg control unit and the reflection light barrier, which I am using to trigger the gripper.

2010/4/30: Open up mechanism:

And closed:

Home-built tactile sensor:

2010/5/1: Mr. Cheese Can is so far finished, now I have to program him.

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I'd love to see video, especially of the gripper working.

Gripper video is already available :)

Nice work as always! :) How are these motors? I just got some myself, and have not yet tested them?

Bought a couple of these motors here in Beijing Rd., Shanghai (also called the Street of Electronics), and I am quite satisfied. Very small, powerful, complete metal gear and they draw only 10 to 20 mA @ no-load. Perfect for small, light robots. Be only sure, they all have the same gear ratio. Better you test them before you mount them :D

The gripper is clever! :-)  Very nice job.

İntelligently degined , good job..

Nice I can't wait for video of the robot in action


It's an imazing idea,, Thanks

I'm wating to see the video

by the way I'm new and I'm really interested to make a robot