Let's Make Robots!

the Quadruped ! => with "drawer legs"

Walk and climb obstacles
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Hello everybody!

“First I must tell you that I am from Algeria, and I always posted my projects in a French web site Robot-Passion, so I apologies for my English I hope that you understand me well :D”

I am here to show you my first creation under construction in “Let’s make robot “

I posted already here some of my robot creation

 Now I am here for a new thing … First, take a Look to the video (the comments are in French so I will translate you below)


1- 2 tubes of ointment 40g each one (very scientific method lol )

2- So we have 80g to lift.

3- To be continued.


Like you have seen the robot can climb obstacles it’s a thing that give me a desire to realize a quadruped robot coz am already thought why a must realize a robot on legs if a small mobile robot can move match well and will be less hard to realize ?!

2and thing The drawer leg!

It’s made with a broken CD reader I bought 4 for 4 legs for just 6 dollars: D

I used these small plastic boxes (of a telephonic outlet) for the mecanice system, and it works a well


The 2and thing that will move legs is will be a 4 servomotors (1 for each legs) like I am from Algeria :p there is no way to bought them, so Mr.Electron ( a member of robot-passion forum) will help me to bought it from France, so a big thanks to him !





Hello everybody! i have some news for you!

I did not still receive my 4 sermotor, but During this time I spent time in improved my "drawer legs", I looked for the means to know the position of my leg.

The solution widely answered is to used Optical sensor, but I wanted to avoid this solution due to the lack of place

The solution was to use a hall sensor, that we can find easily in brushless motor

the video

like you can see whene the magnet passe behind hall Sensor we have 0v, so we can by thise way count number of tours do by the gear 

To be continued…  


...NO it will not continue! I just received the package was sent to me free by the    Caliban Association !  , there is a lot of very useful thing, a big thank to them!



the package contains a lot of stepper motor and electronic component that its members offered me, the  problem is that there are only 3 identical servomotors, so that my project requires 4 ......... that's  why I must find a new project: /


BIG thanks to   Caliban Association ! 

drawer legs  to the trash! :'(



Hello everybody I have some news!

I made a new video that talk about some little progression in my project (sorry it’s in French without translation, I did not wont make video with wrong translation).

Bat on large I talk about Caliban association that help me with component and servomotors also the 1st legs of my robot is finished and work perfectly

Voila !










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I really like this concept and your ways to build the legs from scrap.  Very cool.

That's a cool apporach to move your robot around. 

It's just too bad that in some countries the post system is not working well. I hope that you can solve that problems so you don't have to trash those parts.

some news!

some news!

in fact it's been 3 years or more, that I demand from electronics stores here to bring me back servo, but it never work,
I try everything!

I have one last alternative, I want to send money in an envelope to someone with a conventional post (because fedex DHL, it's all too expensive!), then the person sends me servo hide in something, that Customs did not suspect it like they are suspect my package!

it's the only thing I did not test

PayPal dosn't existe also :(


Maybe Cash on Delivery???  i don't understand .?

thanks for help !

From what I had in my mind, YES the result going to be exceptional!
... the problem is that it is impossible for me to buy on internet, credit card does not exist in my country, and there is no guarantee that the order arrives it may stop by the office for a stupid reason.

that's why the Caliban Association send a package through UPS to me, the sent was expensive, and it has paid by worldofrobot.

So .... this is the first time in my life that I touch a servomotore :'(

I was curious to see what the result would be !

Don't you quit a bit too easily ? Just for one servo ? Can't you buy online 4 servos (ebay or anywhere else) ? (basic servos are not expensive at all).

Hope you keep going, but if you're not, good luck for the next project :)

THE END :''''''''''''''''(

I already wrote something on Robot-Passion, but once again, this is a great idea, I can't wait to see it finished !