Let's Make Robots!

Meet Vario !

his head is an LED and turns on only when there is no light !

Not only does he look human , he is also a functioning circuit ! his head is an LED and turns on only when there is no light ! he has got a mind of his Own ! :) simple to make of course , but EXTREMELY Geeky :)

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This is really cute. I am sure that you could market this somehow for kids during the Christmas season. It just needs a little cosmetic work. Great job here and I can't wait to see what else you come up with.

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Very cool, actually! If we had a souveneer-shop, this would be a numba one item :) What does it look like on the back, where is the cell?

on the back you have the photo transistor , i described the mode of function in a post under this ! :) Thanks for the compliment :) how about i try making another one and mail it to you ?! if they accept it inside a normal envelop and do not search it thinking its some type of a bomb coming from an Arab country (Lebanon) :P !

I'd be very honered, thank you :)

If you shift R1 accidently to +9V and the photo transistor is shadowed at the same time and has a high resistance, Q1 will be fried. Using a 9V block battery and a relay is not very economic :) How is it to use a Li-Ion 3V or 1.5V coin cell on its back? I have once built a resistor man with following circuit. Could be easily modified with a LDR or photo transistor ;) And flashing a long long time...




relay resembles the load ;)

this tiny thing gets its power in a medieval way :) positive alligator clip clips to one of its legs , the negative end to one leg of the led ! if i were to put a battery it would loose the cute look ! :)

get him a backpack and put a button cell or two in it

Cute. He looks tiny. Where's the 9V battery?