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How to make series, groups and colaborations

Sometimes you want to make not just one tip, but a complete series. Or colaborate across the site. This is how to do it best.

Sometimes you want to make not just one Tip/Walkthrough, but a series of postings that belong to each other. Or you want to cooperate with others on a subject / project, throughout all sorts of postings, across everything.

Here is how to do this best:

  1. First make your first post. And add at least one good tag.
    Note that tags are seperated with commas, so

    Johns instructions in soldering, solder, PCB

    are in fact 3 good tags.

    Now, if you posted something with these tags, you would see that the material you have posted will have a tag called "Johns instructions in soldering", apart from the 2 other "solder and PCB".

    If you click on the John-tag, only your single post would show up - because it is the only one with that tag.

    It will be something like "http://letsmakerobots.com/taxonomy/term/6720"

  2. Copy that URL - it is your link to your list of instructions.

  3. Edit your post again, and write something like "Here you can read the rest of these tutorials", and make that a link to the URL.

    Another way, is using the "URL to more information"-box that is in many places when you edit something. You can also just paste the URL in there.


Now, when you are ready to make your part II, you just do so, and this time, simply go from step 3 above. Now both your first and your second post will show up, when the URL is visited. So, you can also publicate this URL anywhere else, like youtube, and visitors will find the complete series, and not just the one.

Or, if you want to be a group of people working on stuff across forums, blogs, robot posts etc, you can just agree on a tag, and use it across, on the project. Then you have the project collected in one link, across the site, and across users.

And there is more;

  • You can also have more tags, just remember to seperate with commas, and so your stuff can both belong in a series, group, but also just be related to something that other have tagged, that you like.
  • We have "a secret sitemap" on LMR for Google to find. If you let your tag to your line of instructions (or what it is you are posting), be something more likely to be searched for, like insted of using "Johns instructions in soldering", then maybe write "How to solder", then there is a pretty good chance that after a while, searches on this will be number one in Google!
  • Also, if you make something that should be in our menus, let some admin know, and we can simply link to it, like the "Start here" in the top.

It is really good for everyone if we have more stuff in series, and I hope this approach will make it easier to make something that will really get a lot of views, and help and inspire many :)


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There's a lot of great info in this post, Frits. I'll keep the advice in mind.