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Peanut Tin of Terror


Peanut Tin of Terror is an autonomous beetleweight (3 lb) combat robot.  He competed in this year's Robogames 2010. 

You can read about his development at www.trailofdestruction.com

While I have created many robots before, this was my first experiment with a combat robot.  It was really fun. 

Peanut Tin uses two Ping sonar sensors to detect walls and a motion sensor to detect opponents or know when it is being struck.  I have included a test video to show more about how it works.   I took some video of Robogames so I will put them up. 

While I consider Peanut "complete" since it competed, I have plans to make a better version for the next tournament. 

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I so much, totally, and absolutely dig the name of that robot !