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Servos Problem

Hello everyone.

I have been using one of those small blue servos(with the picaxe 28x starter kit), after about 30 minutes of usage the servo stopped working. I thought I may have damaged it somehow, so I used another new servo (same type), but it didn't work!, I tried all the blue servos I have and non worked.

I checked the picaxe chip and it woked fine.

Anyone know what the problem could be?

Thanks alot.

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Could you post the schematic, and program you're using? 

Check your power supply/battery. Even the picaxe still works, the current is too low to run the servos.

I second this. Depending on how much work the servo is doing, you can burn through batteries pretty quickly. What type of battery setup are you currently using and if not rechargables, I highly recommend investing in some.

I am using 3 AA (4.5V) batteries, I am also using a 330 Ohm resistor between the picaxe and the servo.

here is the program I used:


servo 3, 75

wait 1

servo 3, 225

wait 1

goto main


The servo was working fine at first, then suddenly it stopped and all the servos I used after didn't work. Its like the picaxe chip dosen't respond to the servo command.

I just tried using 4 AA batteries, still no movement.


Can you try adding an led to your setup and verify that the code is executing? the below code should do just that.

'define some constants and vars
symbol LedPin = 4 ' use whatever pin you want
symbol ServoPin = 3
symbol WaitTime = 800 'give the servo some time to move.
servo ServoPin, 75 'initialize servo pin and position

low LedPin '  make sure the led pin is low to start.

pause WaitTime ' add a small delay before the loop

high LedPin
servopos ServoPin, 75 ' should use servopos instead of servo for all calls after init of servo pin
low LedPin
pause WaitTime
high LedPin
servopos ServoPin, 225
low LedPin
pause WaitTime
goto main

Thanks everyone, it worked.

Thank you voodoobot, I found out these small servos run on pretty low curren.