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Arduino and Stand Alone Wii IR Sensor

Hey everybody, I am looking for help with this project: http://letsmakerobots.com/node/7752

I need to make a device for a school project that detects IR position for a PC mouse but that incoporates a
microcontroller, so this project seems like a good start.

I have already built the voltage regulating circuit, removed the IR sensor and attached it to the circuit. All
voltages seem to be at desired values.

But I have a strange problem. The project calls of a Duemilanove board, which I have, but the tutorial does
not tell you how to connect the circuit to the board. And the attached video does not use the board at all.

The tutorial links to a German wiki that says to connect SCL to PC5 (I assume that would be Analog Pin 5) and
SDA to PC4 (I assume that would be Analog Pin 4).

So I do this, but the board stops transmitting as soon as I plug in SCL and SDA. In the Arduino IDE serial
monitor, a bunch of zeroes are displayed using the provided sample code. Same goes for hyper terminal in
Windows. The zeroes stop coming as soon as I plug in SCL and SDA, and the zeroes resume when I disconnect
them. Additionally, the voltage at the SCL and SDA pins drops from 3.3V to 1.8V (on the circuit).

I get no blobs using the Wii-Blobtracker software provided in the tutorial.

The only thing I can think of is that maybe I fried the sensor when I removed it from the remote? It looked
fine, is there any other way to tell for sure?

If anyone has any experience with this project, I'd appreciate any help.

Thanks in advance.

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Hmm, I think I may need to try both, see which pans out better. Sounds like the FTDI cable is the easiest but more expensive way to go.

I will try both but as a general rule, how do you wire the data cables?

For example, following the schematic for the D-Board on the Arduino homepage, I have the following connections:

From the Wii Sensor to ATMega328: SCL to Pin 28 (ADC5)PC5 & SDA to Pin 27 (ADC4)PC4.

From ATMega328 to USB: Pin 16 (PB2/USBDM) to Pin 2 of USB & Pin 15 (PB1/USBDP) to Pin 3 of USB.

From what I understand, this should work if I have a FTDI cable from Sparkun.

Else I need to go the Metaboard route. If so, is the wiring the same, or do I have change the wiring as well as the code (for the Wii Blob Tracker)? I have to add the special bootloader in additon to the Arduino bootloader the ATMega328 came with?

Thanks again. 

Here is the picture for the Arduino clone board I've been using for the Wiimote sensor.

A picture with detailed mouse-over notes can be found in my Flickr album. On the left you can see the 6pin Header for the FTDI cable and the 4pin I2C Header.

The FTDI header pinout from left to right is:

  1. GND
  2. n.c
  3. VCC
  4. TX-O goes to Pin2 (PD0, RxD) of the ATmega
  5. RX-I goes to Pin3 (PD1, TxD) of the ATmega
  6. n.c

The I2C Header pinout:

  1. GND
  2. VCC
  3. SCL goes to Pin28 (ADC5, PC5, SCL) of the ATmega
  4. SDA goes to Pin27 (ADC4, PC4, SDA) of the ATmega



Sorry i didn't reply sooner. I got really sick with allergies.

Anyways, thanks for all your help, I've ordered the stuff I need from Sprakfun and I will try it out a soon as I can.

Thanks again.