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Solarised Baby Mobile (aka Rainbow-Fish)

What better way to celebrate the birth of a new family member.

I jumped at the chance to make a solarised baby mobile to pacify our new arrival.

So here is "Something Fishy" for you.......

Solar Rainbow-Fish ..... (non stream version) (thats a joke by the way)

No these are not super bright Leds - this is simply crystal refracting rainbow light from the sun.






The idea was to make a simple fish that would rotate when it had stored up enough sunlight.

The resulting spinning effect throws amazing colours and rainbow patterns onto the walls,

thus providing some visual stimulus for the baby-

The cool thing too is it makes a very gentle purring sound when it "Swims".

Basic system :-

1x recycled solar torch.

1x recycled geared diskdrive motor.

1x Solar Miller Engine (with 1x3300µF "OB1 competion win capacitor" :-)

Solar Cell is inset into a hollowed out polystyrene ball (not an easy job to do)

Gold-Leaf details added...............fishy theme

Finishing touches ..........

Fish-Eye lens...........

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kiyo's picture

another legendary creation of gareth the great

TinHead's picture

... happy watching your fish :D

Another great "G" brand creation. 


Gareth's picture

Yes it was a pleasure to "Hatch" and send this liitle fishy on its life long mission........(its permanantly switched ON :-)

MarkusB's picture

That's a nice idea, Gareth. Robotics, as if to the manner born :)

Gareth's picture

Its always nice to intergrate robotics into the environment you live in..........a quest for all a LMR's......

OddBot's picture

That's a great idea Gareth, looks fantastic! I'm glad the junkbox is being put to good use.

Gareth's picture

Looks like i will have to make a whole "Shoal" with all those caps you sent me...........

........"Shoal Bots"........ you heard it first here on LMR....

Chris the Carpenter's picture

Rainbow Fish!!!

You have good taste, my friend.

Gareth's picture

Yes the impulse was indeed from a story i used to read to my son.... and now luckily my grandson ...

rik's picture

No-one expects the 1m drop test!

So obvious, it's a surprise.